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Innovative Combinations and Applications of AI and ML

Main Building, TU Wien
Main Building, TU Wien

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Mission Statement

Building artifacts with human capabilities is a long-held dream of mankind, and the recent advances in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) demonstrate the great potential to change almost every aspect of human life. To achieve this goal, various AI approaches have been investigated in the past, which can be broadly grouped into symbolic as well as sub-symbolic AI approaches. While symbolic AI methods focus on the representation and manipulation of symbols to provide the means for creating intelligent behavior, sub-symbolic methods achieve this by means of data and symbol processing using machine learning (ML).

The mission of our doctoral college on “Innovative Combinations and Applications of AI and ML is to investigate the combination of symbolic- and sub-symbolic AI techniques and novel applications for AI. We expect synergetic effects in both directions: (1) novel combinations of AI methods can pave the way for applications of AI techniques in so far less explored domains; (2) the requirement in specific applications can guide and instruct fundamental research in the field of AI. The doctoral program’s faculty thus is built from AI experts on the one hand and domain experts from industry and from several faculties of TU Wien on the other hand.






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