Georg Gottlob

TU Wien, Austria



Georg Gottlob is a Royal Society Research Professor and a Professor of Informatics at Oxford University, and an Adjunct Professor at TU Wien. At Oxford he is a Fellow of St John’s College. His interests include knowledge representation, logic and complexity, and database and Web querying. He has received various awards, among which the Wittgenstein Award (Austria) and the Ada Lovelace Medal (UK), and, jointly with co-authors the Alonzo Church Award. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society, of the Austrian and German National Academies of Science, and of the Academia Europaea. He was a founder of Lixto, a company specialised in semi-automatic web data extraction which was acquired by McKinsey in 2013. Gottlob was awarded an ERC Advanced Investigator’s Grant for the project “DIADEM: Domain-centric Intelligent Automated Data Extraction Methodology”. Based on the results of this project, he co-founded Wrapidity Ltd, a company that specialised in fully automated web data extraction, which was acquired in 2016 by Meltwater. He was also a co-founder of the currently active company DLVSystem and of DeepReason.AI Ltd, which is a second recently acquired one by Meltwater.