Emanuel Sallinger

TU Wien, Austria



Emanuel Sallinger is an Assistant Professor at TU Wien at the Databases and AI Group (DBAI), Faculty of Informatics. He leads the Knowledge Graph Lab at TU Wien, a WWTF Vienna Research Group. As part of the Center for AI and ML (CAIML), an inter-faculty center connecting researchers on AI and ML, he leads the SIG Knowledge Graphs. He has taught Knowledge Graphs courses at both the University of Oxford, TU Wien, and many other international venues and organizations. He holds a Senior Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (SFHEA). Before joining TU Wien, he for more than six years directed the VADA (“Value-Added Data”) laboratory at the University of Oxford. His current main research focus is on Knowledge Graphs, including all theoretical and practical aspects. In particular, he is interested in reasoning in such systems, including all of the AI methodologies for that (knowledge-based/logic-based reasoning and machine learning-based reasoning). Within such systems, his interest is in achieving scalable solutions, making sure that theory translates into practice.