Claudia Plant

University of Vienna, Austria

Picture: Barbara Mair


Claudia Plant is full professor, leader of the Data Mining and Machine Learning research group at the Faculty of Computer Science University of Vienna, Austria. Her group focuses on new methods for exploratory data mining, e.g., clustering, anomaly detection, graph mining and matrix factorization. Many approaches relate unsupervised learning to data compression, i.e. the better the found patterns compress the data the more information we have learned. Other methods rely on finding statistically independent patterns or multiple non-redundant solutions, on ensemble learning or on nature-inspired concepts such as synchronization. Indexing techniques and methods for parallel hardware support exploring massive data. Claudia Plant has co-authored over 150 peer-reviewed publications, among them more than 30 contributions to the top-level data mining conferences KDD and ICDM and 4 Best Paper Awards. Papers on scalability aspects appeared at SIGMOD, ICDE, and the results of interdisciplinary projects in leading application-related journals such as Bioinformatics, Cerebral Cortex and Water Research.