ChatGPT - Myth meets truth meets opportunity

Clemens Heitzinger participates at a panel discussion in Vienna City Library about recent developments in AI.


Clemens Heitzinger, Co-head of CAIML, participated at a panel discussion in Vienna City Library about recent developments in AI on June 5, 2023. You can find the article published in Wiener Zeitung here and the recording of the discussion below (in German).


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Ein Troll fegt durch die Welt. ChatGPT - Mythos trifft Wahrheit trifft Chancen
Watch on YouTube: https://youtu.be/N5p3l4B07EI

About the Event

What is certain is that ChatGPT was the trigger for a hype among people regarding artificial intelligence (AI). The homage knows hardly any bounds. But chatbots are based on statistical probability and the processing of data from the Internet.

Real understanding and intelligence, however, are intuitive in humans. Scientists:inside are researching “explainable AI” to unravel the mystery of these great language models. They suspect a “spark” of intelligence, an “inner motivation” to solve problems, to be creative and to formulate complex thoughts, these systems do not have (yet). In an open letter, well-known personalities warn of the impending loss of control by AI “over our civilization”. After all, the technological singularity, that point in time when artificial intelligence surpasses human intelligence, is to be reached by 2035 at the latest. The key question will then be: How will humans be able to live with it?

The discussion took place on June 5, 2023 as a cooperation of the Wienbibliothek im Rathaus, the University of Applied Arts Vienna and the Wiener Zeitung.

Introduction: Anita Eichinger, Director of the Vienna Library in the City Hall

Welcome: Wolfgang Renner, Wiener Zeitung

Panel Discussion Participants:

  • Olga Grjasnowa, Institute for Language Arts, University of Applied Arts Vienna
  • Clemens Heitzinger, Co-Head of the Center for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (CAIML), TU Wien
  • Georg Psota, Chief Physician, Psychosocial Services Vienna

Moderation: Eva Stanzl, Wiener Zeitung, Chairwoman of the Club of Austrian Education and Science Journalists