Hana Rudová: “Vehicle Routing With Transfers”

Hanna Rudová talks about vehicle routing with transfers.

Hanna Rudová
Hanna Rudová

On October 13rd, 2022 Hana Rudová from Masaryk University talked about Vehicle Routing with Transfers.


The presentation will address a variant of vehicle routing problem allowing for transfers introducing a real-life problem from our industrial partner. The introduction of transfers makes it possible for vehicles to exchange request loads at designated transfer points. This option provides a more flexible means of transportation, which can be exploited to reduce traveled distances and costs. A novel approach that utilizes the possibility of transfers on very large instances will be discussed. Analysis of the solution approach will be provided on real-life problems and the problems generated using OpenStreetMaps.

About the Speaker

Hana Rudová is an associate professor in Computer Science at Masaryk University, Faculty of Informatics in Brno, Czech Republic. She works on various problems broadly related to scheduling, such as educational timetabling, scheduling for distributed environments, or transport planning. Her work concentrates on approaches that allow solving practical problems such as course timetabling in the UniTime system, vehicle routing with Wereldo company, or computer job scheduling in CERIT national infrastructure.