Johanna Seibt

Aarhus University, Denmark


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Johanna Seibt is professor for philosophy at Aarhus University, Denmark. She is the founder and director of the Research Unit for Robophilosophy and Integrative Social Robotics (RISR), as well as founder and main (co-)organizer of the biennial Robophilosophy Conference Series. At RISR a highly interdisciplinary research team (currently comprising 25 researchers from 11 disciplines) conducts HRI research using the approach of ìIntegrative Social Roboticsî (ISR), a new ‘paradigm’ for the organization of R&D processes in social robotics that centrally includes Humanities expertise. The ISR-approach is primarily geared to create culturally sustainable (‘responsible’) social robotics applications but can be extended to other technologies that directly interfere with human social reality. Seibt currently explores how the insights of ISR can be translated into new educations in order to generate those competences that future professionals from computer science/engineering and various SSH disciplines will need in order to participate in interdisciplinary developer teams.